2022 Planner [Spiritual planner]

2022 Planner [Spiritual planner]


This weekly planner is an Afro-centered spiritual companion for 2022. It helps you keep track of your spiritual and religious practices, within the various traditions of the African diaspora.


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Focus on the traditions of sub-Saharan Africa

In this planner, we have curated the main dates that celebrate African deities in major diasporic cultures and religions: the Loa and various iterations of the Orisha. It was created keeping in mind the common practices of traditions such as Kenbwa (Quimbois) in Guadeloupe and Martinique, Palo Mayombe and Lucumí in Cuba, Haitian Vodou, 21 Divisions in the Dominican Republic, Candomblê, Umbanda and Quimbanda in Brazil , Obeah in the English-speaking Caribbean, Myalism, New Orleans Voodoo, Juju, Hoodoo in the United States, Shango Baptism, etc.

Practical aspects

This is not a book of workings (aka spells) but a spiritual guiding thread that helps you keep a very quick journal of your workings, in conjunction (or not) with the phases of the moon. It can also help you maintain your motivation in your religious practice; in particular because it encourages monthly divination and ancestral veneration.
Each month, a double page spread offers an overview of upcoming events, the ability to set goals (without stress) and to reflect, once the month is over.

Content and BONUSES

Even though this is not a book of workings, I couldn’t create a planner with nothing but dates. This is why it also features:
– a prayer to the ancestors,
– cultural wishlists (books to read, films to watch),
– a symbolic and very quick ritual to leave the difficulties of 2021 behind.

It also offers two texts. The first is an article on death in Kenbwa culture (the respect and fear around the dead, the elevation of their soul, etc). The second is an interview about Hoodoo, an African-American tradition with growing popularity and a fragile identity in the public space. I met a major actor in the tradition, Queen Cotaliya Benson Milner Meadows de la Pound, owner of Conjure South, with whom I discussed, among other things, issues surrounding the transfer of knowledge and the future of Hoodoo.


Listen to creator, Lily, talk with Tonya Brown about the planner and get into her Caribbean tradition of Kenbwa, on the With Daily Show.

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