Bundle: Holiday Fixed Kenbwa “Tings”

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This bundle offers you a chance to get our 2022 spiritual planner and discover all our products at a lower, Holiday friendly price (including our Jezebel powder, yes…).

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This bundle contains two spiritual baths and two versatile powders:

The Inner Peace bath provides a soft cleansing. It is designed to remove everyday negative energies and helps to re-center and elevate yourself.

The Love spiritual bath can work on different levels: self-love, glamour, attraction. It is up to you and how you decide to integrate it in your ritual.

The Protection powder cuts, clears and bars the spiritual doors.

The Jezebel powder (made with actual Louisiana Jezebel root) is the one to use to obtain what you feel is owed. It is best used by women to obtain money. It has a Pomba Gira seductress feel and should be used with care.


It also includes our spiritual planner for 2022. This weekly planner is an Afro-centered spiritual companion for the year. It helps you keep track of your spiritual and religious practices, within the various traditions of the African diaspora.


It is yours now with a 25% discount and FREE shipping.


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